The e cigarette is a great tool for quitting smoking.

Mon 20th Nov 2017 - 7:27am Vape

I have been aware for some time that the news about electronic cigarettes has changed radically.

On reading the news, it is easy to see that today, the vast majority of newspaper articles are "charged" on the electronic cigarette.

While at the launch of this product, journalists were talking about something good to stop smoking, something new, something incredible, today, now that the product is more widely known, we are only talking about mischief rather than its positive side.


In response to these articles, the vaporizer community responded by leaving inflammatory comments about newspapers. Vaporizers spend their time defending themselves after these articles. The news on the electronic cigarette makes the buzz and with each new article we see a flurry of comments from "new subscribers" to defend it.

For our part, we are doing the same thing and we almost only write articles in response to the media, to defend ourselves: Response to the habou dhabi conference, Response to journalists in general, Response to the Japanese study, Response to the anti-smoking plan...

Then I asked myself, why?

Why do we spend our time defending ourselves? Why not write an article explaining that electronic cigarettes are good? Knowing that this is what we think...

Initially, and we were the first to launch iClope, we didn't want to do too many articles in this direction. Not to say that it was a magical, revolutionary product... On the one hand because we could not be considered very objective as electronic cigarette retailers... it was slightly too commercial... on the other hand because there were no serious studies explaining at the time that it was a miracle solution. Although we were convinced of our product, we were careful... The state also obliged us not to say that it was a smoking cessation product, the mention was obligatory... While this is clearly the case....

quit smoking

So few article in fact on the benefits of electronic cigarette compared to those against.

Today, while trying to prevent non-smokers from starting smoking, the vast majority of doctors and health specialists recommend its use to stop smoking, all serious studies show its benefits over smoking.

So here we are, we have decided now to put the ball back in the center by publishing an article FOR the electronic cigarette.

Smoking kills and the electronic cigarette is a great tool to stop smoking! »

Unlike patches or gums to stop smoking, the electronic cigarette works because it relaxes pleasure at the centre. With the electronic cigarette, you can quit smoking quickly, overnight, because you retain the pleasure, feeling and gesture of a classic cigarette.

Quitting smoking is difficult, very difficult, some people will even say that it is impossible... With the electronic cigarette it becomes simple, fast and obvious.

You keep the gesture and habits: you can "vaporize" with coffee, after a meal, in the evening, you can use it as you wish, like a traditional cigarette.

You keep the pleasure: by "vaporizing" you have this feeling of scratching in the throat every time you inhale, like with a cigarette. You make vapor, you can make circles...

You are free: You can use it whenever you want and you can now also change your perfume, choose your nicotine level, your equipment... You have the impression to keep this false "freedom" that you had with tobacco.

You have a choice: The electronic cigarette works because you choose how to use it and how to quit smoking.

And that's great because you keep the fun but not the inconvenience:

Health: vaping is 1,000 times less harmful than smoking, 1 in 2 smokers dies because of smoking...

The price: it's much cheaper, you can use your money differently, for fun...

No passive smoking: in addition to stopping your health, you no longer harm the health of those around you...

No odour: no cold tobacco smell on clothes, in your home, car...

No yellow fingers, no bad breath...

No more coughing in the morning, lack of breath...

The list of inconveniences, in addition to the fact that it is fatal, is very long on the cigarette, and the near majority disappears with the electronic cigarette.

There is no reason not to replace cigarettes with electronic cigarettes. It's obvious...

Some people will tell you that it's not "cool", that it doesn't look super "manly"... okay... well we should hold on, the tobacco communicators were good about it....

So I repeat: there is no reason not to quit smoking by switching to electronic cigarettes. It's simple, fast, efficient and all-round.

Then to please everyone:

Of course, I'm only talking to smokers here.

The electronic cigarette is only used to stop smoking.

It's about replacing a deadly dependency with a less harmful one, but it's still a dependency and it's better to be dependent on nothing.

So the electronic cigarette is only for people who want to quit smoking and not for those who don't smoke, young people or those who have already quit.

I note the aberration of the electronic cigarette law: we have no right to say that it is used for smoking cessation, otherwise it would be considered a medicine. But at the same time the state is afraid that it will be used by non-smokers who will become addicted.

It is not to say that it is only used by smokers, but to ensure that non-smokers do not use it... solid.

Anyway, anyway:

The electronic cigarette is for smokers only and is a great tool to stop smoking.

Good luck to you all!




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